PT Helps Jockies Stretch With Back Flexibility

Physical Therapy Tips For Improving Flexibility

Numerous studies by Physical Therapy Reno have identified the importance of exercise and physical therapy. However, there are few of these studies that reiterate the importance of flexibility to your body. A lot of physical therapists and doctors agree that flexibility is vital to keeping your body able and fit. Besides strength training and cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility is also significant. Thanks to it, your body can reach the optimum fitness level and also prevent arthritis.

How Does It Work?

When you stretch a muscle, you automatically increase the length of the tendons and muscle fibers that attach the muscle to the bone. The longer the fibers, the more the muscle grows in size during strength training exercises. Therefore, if you have flexible muscles, they are likely to become stronger too. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to boost your metabolism and fitness level. Flexible muscles will make everyday activities more comfortable and also reduce the risk of injuries to your body.

Note that, some behavior such as hunching over a computer will make your muscles shorter. Also, aging will reduce the muscle elasticity. Therefore, any awkward or quick motion such as catching something before it falls will stretch the muscles way beyond their limit causing a tear or strain. Stretching your muscles is always good for the body because it boosts circulation and protects the body from numerous illnesses such as kidney disease and diabetes. Flexibility has been associated with reducing the risk of cardiovascular issues.

How To Become Flexible

You need to be as flexible as your lifestyle dictates. That’s why you need to stretch for about 10 minutes every day while focusing on the major muscle groups in your body such as the ankles, thighs, calves, neck, shoulders, arms and the back. Depending on your daily activities you should stretch according to the areas of your body that are prone to having issues. For instance, if you’re always sitting for long hours you should focus on the shoulders and lower back. Also, if you’re always on the move picking heavy things, you should focus on the arms and hamstrings.

If you can’t afford to stretch for a few minutes every day, you can try it out a few times every week. Avoid long breaks because you will lose any progress you have achieved so far. Once you get used to stretching, it will become one of your favorite exercises. You can always focus on additional exercises such as meditating and deep breathing. With time, you will improve your physical and mental conditions.

Before stretching every day, you can start by warming up your muscles with a few jumping jacks or short walks. Make sure you’re talking long and deep breaths as you stretch. Make sure it’s a controlled, smooth and slow movement to make sure you’re getting the best out of it. You should only move to the point of resistance to avoid hurting yourself from the exercise and avoid bouncing which might actually cause some injuries to the muscles.